Friday, December 31, 2010

Out of the Burning Ring of Fire

Cash "helping" Kevin get lunch out of amazing white food box
     Do you dear reader, ever have an inclining that you just MUST do something?  Even if you ignore that inner voice, it keeps henpecking until you give in and do whatever it is that "self" is demanding?  I had one of those days yesterday.  One of the rescue groups I, and Moonsong, work with frequently is Waggin Tails Rescue.  I had not been in recent contact with our WTR contact, Christie, for some time.  All day I felt that I needed to write her and let her know the events of the last few weeks.  I started an email to her at 10ish, then deleted it.  I told myself I was being silly, that we would just wait for a Moonsong dog.  Well, inner self was a real pain and kept bothering me!  SO about an hour later I sent the email.  I wrote that our last foster was adopted, that we lost Zeus, and that our cat was gone now too.  I also told her we were just not ready for another foster, but to keep me in mind if any mals or mal-a-nuffs came across her radar.  Amazingly, minuets later I received a response about a husky/mal/sneaky neighbor dog X who was on his last day at the Paul Pound.  The staff at the Paul facility are nice people, but the building is outdated and makes for a "hellish" experience for the dogs.  I talked it over with Kevin and the MMR gang and we decided to pull this pup out of the fiery pit and into foster care. 

Did you know there is a DOG in that box that holds dishes?

What IS that little box?

Cash trying to get Miley's attention
     Kevin and I were able to both drive to Paul to pick up our newest foster.  He kept his tail tucked between his legs, smelled awful, but dashed for the door outside the minuet he spotted the sun-filled exit.  We think he came into the shelter as a stray on the 19th or 20th of December.  Despite the stress of living in the pound for over a week, he bounced back quickly.  He fussed some on the drive home, but once we arrived at our home his tail started wagging.  We let him acclimate to his surroundings some before we introduced him to our three female dogs.  With all three girls he displayed perfect puppy manners and invited them to play.  Having the girls around helped him become more comfortable and responsive to us, the humans. 
Cash playing with Lilo & Sassy

     After watching "little Red" (he looks just like a mini-me version of Minadoka Red a mal rescue from the same shelter) play we decide to name him Cash, after Johnny Cash.  Anyone interested in Cash will need to be prepared for a large PUPPY.  He is curious about everything, which means is into everything.  Cash just growled at his own reflection in our patio door & keeps pawing at the "puppy" in the dishwasher reflection:).  He is super fun, but will need guidance to mature into his full potential.  While Cash has lots to learn about being a house dog, he is smart and attentive, and should progress quickly.  We will be vetting & neutering Cash next week and he will be ready soon for a forever home!


  1. Awesome work Liz and Kevin! I'm sure Cash is related to Red. I'll try to list him ASAP. Thanks for being the caring, loving people you are!

  2. Aw you still haven't seen 'Deus? :( ...... And yes, Cash looks HUGE :D