Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Endings and New Beginnings

  The past two weeks have flown by!  This update is late, but with family obligations and the holidays I ran out of time.  Orson, now Shasta, has been adopted by a wonderful family from WA area.  They flew into Idaho on the 18th and met Orson/Shasta that evening.  Jeff and his daughter, Kaya, visited with our family for several hours that evening.  We had a wonderful time meeting such warm, kind people.  Both Kevin and I felt Shasta would have a wonderful life with his new family.  It was a feeling of peace that washed over both of us to have such dedicated adopters pick "our" malamute.  We spent one last evening with Shasta while Jeff and Kaya shopped for puppy supplies and caught some Z's.
     The next morning they came with a fully-equipped dog-mobile and we said our good-by's to everyone.  It was such a joy to watch the excitement of everyone involved!!   Shasta loaded easily onto his new bed and the family headed home, to Shasta's forever home. Jeff has updated me on a regular basis, and Shasta is doing very well.  He gets along with all their four-legged creatures and loves Kaya!
Kaya & Shasta on the road home

Shasta snoozing in his fav place, by a tree!
     This is a great beginning for one lucky malamute.  
    Sadly, after Shasta left our Zeus seemed to let go.  His limp increased to the point he was only toe-touching and even dragging the toes.  We increased his pain medication to 3 pills, 3 times a day, but it did little to alleviate his suffering.  We had long ago decided that when we could not manage the pain it would be time to send him home; to help him cross the rainbow bridge.  On Monday we called and made an appointment for Thursday, December 23rd at 5 pm.  Kevin and I spent the next few days alternating between joyful memories, hugging Zeus, and crying.  Zeus was a special dog.  I know a lot of owners say this, or think this about their dogs in retrospect, but we always knew he was the dog of a life time.  Zeus was always a happy, gentle, serious dog.  He was an old soul, even as a puppy. 
"Baby" Zeus, around 8-9 weeks
     He was well behaved and yet, very fun.  On his last day we bought him a DQ soft serve ice cream cone, which he devoured with great joy.  We loaded the 3 girls and Zeus into the Jeep and made the drive to Magic Valley Vet.  Several of the vet tecs who have known Zeus since he was 4 weeks old, stayed to give the big guy one last hug, kiss, and told him what a "best dog ever" he was.

     Michelle offered to hold Zeus for the procedure.  We went into a room where the staff had placed a quilt for Zeus to rest upon.  He immediately curled up on the warm, fuzzy blanket. Dr. L came in and with in minutes it was over.  Both the vet and our tec cried with us; what a beautiful gift that Zeus was well loved by others, enough that they too shed tears for him.  We brought the girls in so they could smell him to know he was gone.  Shania, Zeus' bonded girl, was upset, but it was the right decision.  In the following days they have not waited for him to return, which I believe is because they know he is gone from this world.  They have mourned him, as we have. 
Zeus with 9 week old Miley

Kevin & Zeus
     Several people have asked when we will get another dog.  My answer is that I do not know.  We will continue to foster, and wait.  All of our pets have come to us, each in their own way, and we "knew" they would be staying.  

    Run free dear friend....

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