Sunday, October 31, 2010

In search of new name

Koda with the stolen gourd, yum!  Fall treats...
     We can not believe Koda has already been with us a week!  This weekend was filled with Halloween celebrations.  His personality is still stifled by his inability to move freely due to his weight, but we get glimpses everyday of his potential.  He adores people of all ages. 
     This weekend he spent time with two small toddlers and was happy to receive their gestures of affection.  Koda also discovered our fall harvest squash and decided they would make a tasty treat.  Like all great malamutes, he used stealth mode to snag one from our patio table.  Kevin and I, along with the rest of our rescue group think Koda needs a new name for his new life.  Re-naming him also has practical reasons; "Koda" is one of the most popular names for artic breeds.  We want Koda to stand out so people will look at his posting on petfinder.  So far we are considering Baloo, Malcom, Leonidas, and Baucas. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyone needs a good HOWL

Woo-Woo! Its fall and I am happy!
     Just a quick evening update Koda had a nice afternoon soaking up the sun outside with our other dogs.  He is still trying to figure out his place in the pack and communication with them.  He wants to participate in the games, but has a hard time keeping up with everyone.  He ends up howling at the other dogs until they slow down.
Koda with Miley (lab) and Savina (ACD)
    We had some good news last night on his general blood work, everything except his cholesterol is normal!  It is 344.  We are still waiting for the results of his hypothyroid test, but are expecting news by Monday.
Koda and Miley
     I joined the AMAL yahoo group (finally) and received lots of  feedback from members who have encountered similar challenges with overweight rescue dogs.  We are adding frozen green beans to his kibble to keep him full longer and feeding a high quality kibble.  We also have him on several supplements.  Last, Koda met my father and a young friend of mine today that is a "dog" person.  He greeted both of them with enthusiasm and "nose-vacuumed" them both.  He is also doing well while being left out in the house when we are gone (no crates large enough!!).  I am enjoying figuring out his personality quirks and watching him investigate his new world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Koda

     Koda is our newest pack member.  His family suddenly became allergic to him after 6 years.  Unfortunately his family let him free feed and did not have a veterinarian check his blood work for hypothyroid problems.  The result is a VERY large malamute.  Arctic Breed Rescue (ABR) in Utah was alerted by the HSU that they had a very forlorn Malmute in need of help.  ABR contacted Moonsong Malamute Rescue (MMR) and many emails later Koda was on his way to Idaho.  He has been in our home since Sunday afternoon and is a great dog.  He likes other dogs and ignores our cantankerous cat.
     Koda's vet visit was this morning at 10 am.  I was very worried about his heart.  We waddled into the clinic and I herded Koda towards the scale.  It was unbelievable watching the numbers role upwards.  They finally stopped at 178 lbs.  It was silent for a minute in the office and then one of the vet tec's said, "Wow, that is a lot of dog."  She patted Koda's side and assured him he was beautiful and would feel better soon.  Dr. L and I herded Koda into an exam room where she listened to his heart, checked his temp, and gave him the once over.  Koda let us know he did not appreciate having his temperature checked or  having his blood drawn by howling.  We won't know for several days what the results of the thyroid test are, but based on Koda's weight and coat it is likely he has hypothyroidism.  Fortunately his heart was not beating erratically and we can start an exercise regimen.  Koda does have a very tender left knee so short distances, more frequently where prescribed.

     I am so excited for Koda to start losing weight and live life as the dog he was designed to be.  He tries so hard to keep up with my other dogs!  I am looking forward to posting pictures in the near future of him on the move with the rest of the pack.

Sentinel on the road home

Kevin with Bear on his road to a foster home
          Welcome to my rescue blog!  The above statement should clue you into some of the foundational beliefs of this new blogger.  Action on conviction is, obviously, one of them.  So many individuals let life happen to them instead of participating.  How many people will pass by on the far side of the road, pretending not to see events that make them uncomfortable?  Instead, I made a choice to involve myself in dog rescue.
            I hated driving by the animal shelter knowing great dogs where being euthanized simple because they did not have a home.  Fast-forward several years and I found myself jumping into Malamute rescue as a volunteer, transporter and eventually a foster mom.   Over the last year my husband and I have opened our hearts, minds, and home to dogs in need giving them time to travel the long road home.  We have joined the ranks of unsung heroic sentinels on a road less traveled in search of dogs that are lost, hurt, confused, abandoned and desperate for intervention.  Some days the road is more of a footpath in mountainous terrain, but the rewards are innumerable.