Sunday, October 31, 2010

In search of new name

Koda with the stolen gourd, yum!  Fall treats...
     We can not believe Koda has already been with us a week!  This weekend was filled with Halloween celebrations.  His personality is still stifled by his inability to move freely due to his weight, but we get glimpses everyday of his potential.  He adores people of all ages. 
     This weekend he spent time with two small toddlers and was happy to receive their gestures of affection.  Koda also discovered our fall harvest squash and decided they would make a tasty treat.  Like all great malamutes, he used stealth mode to snag one from our patio table.  Kevin and I, along with the rest of our rescue group think Koda needs a new name for his new life.  Re-naming him also has practical reasons; "Koda" is one of the most popular names for artic breeds.  We want Koda to stand out so people will look at his posting on petfinder.  So far we are considering Baloo, Malcom, Leonidas, and Baucas. 

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