Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sentinel on the road home

Kevin with Bear on his road to a foster home
          Welcome to my rescue blog!  The above statement should clue you into some of the foundational beliefs of this new blogger.  Action on conviction is, obviously, one of them.  So many individuals let life happen to them instead of participating.  How many people will pass by on the far side of the road, pretending not to see events that make them uncomfortable?  Instead, I made a choice to involve myself in dog rescue.
            I hated driving by the animal shelter knowing great dogs where being euthanized simple because they did not have a home.  Fast-forward several years and I found myself jumping into Malamute rescue as a volunteer, transporter and eventually a foster mom.   Over the last year my husband and I have opened our hearts, minds, and home to dogs in need giving them time to travel the long road home.  We have joined the ranks of unsung heroic sentinels on a road less traveled in search of dogs that are lost, hurt, confused, abandoned and desperate for intervention.  Some days the road is more of a footpath in mountainous terrain, but the rewards are innumerable.

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