Monday, December 13, 2010

Nollaig Shona Duit! (Merry Christmas to you!)

     Christmas is a season of traditions, practicing old and creating new.  One of those traditions is displaying a Christmas tree decorated with lights, garland, and ornaments.  This tradition comes from Germany and was made popular in English culture by Queen Victoria.  Exchanging Christmas cards originated in England.  Clement Clark Moore gave us our modern version of Santa Clause in his famous poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  In 1863 Nast, a cartoonist for Harpers Weekly, drew the modern image of Santa, he was a robber baron in reverse. (both versions are based on St. Nicholas traditions, a bishop in the 4th century). 
Kevin, Zeus, and the tree
     We visited our local "tree dealer" yesterday and found a great 6' "Charlie Brown" pine.  We live about an hour away from the South Hills where you can purchase a $5 permit and cut your own tree, but this year with school obligations we decided not to harvest our own (that and when your out int he woods a 10' tree seems small until you get it home!).  The dogs were all excited to have the tree arrive!  I can not imagine what sort of wonderful smells cling to the trees boughs, but they must tell an engaging tale. 
What is it?  A tree? For me?
     Orson has decided that Christmas must actually be a celebration for him.  As exciting as as watching the neighbors put up their lights, the delivery of the tree was even better!  The tree is Orson's own personal tree (or so he thinks).  He adores it.  He climbed into it when we first brought it into the house and has done so several times since then.  It makes me wonder if this is his first "real" tree.  All aspects of decorating were interesting and he supervised ornament placement. 
Investigation 1

Does anyone else know how cool this thing is?

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Thanks for the tree!

Trying to dig Orson out of the tree while we put lights on, Investigation 4

Diving in again, just in case something changed overnight

I  Love Christmas!
     Kevin and I laughed as we placed balls on the tree as we remembered trees from years previous.  Last year our foster Mowgli, liked to gently steal balls off the tree, then dash outside and stomp on them.  Savina, our ACD, spent her first Christmas at the doggy ER after eating 9' of bead garland and half of the glass balls and a few lights.  Fast-forward to her 2nd Christmas (man we were dumb) and we had a repeat of her first Christmas.  Needless to say we did not have a tree the next year, or throughout Zeus' puppy years. Miley's first Christmas was at my in-laws.  She ate several bows and destroyed several gift packages (I think that was the same year she ran off with part of the turkey, too). Wow!  I can't believe WE survived Christmas with puppies.   
Miley resting in the lights, "helping

     On another good note, Orson is able to walk all the way around the block now!!!  He had to have a couple of rest breaks, but that is huge progress from the dog we first met. 

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  1. Great commentary and pics of that big boy! So wonderful that he has lost that much weight. I'm sure Jeff and family will just love him! Thanks for all your great foster care of Orson, Liz!