Monday, December 6, 2010

Griswold Christmas

Kevin & Orson in the waiting room at MVVH
    I am one proud foster momma!  Orson visited Magic Valley Vet last Friday for a weigh in and T4 blood workup.  Orson has lost almost 20lbs; he is at 164 lbs.  We rechecked his blood work since he is losing weight to see if we needed to adjust his thyroid medication dosage.  Orson did need to have his med dose lowered, so he is on 1.4 mg of his Hypothyroid medication.  During Orson's first blood draw he hardly cared that the vet shaved his leg and drew blood.  This time he was a pill, which  is actually great news.  He wrestled with the vet tec, Brandy, when she put a tourniquet on his leg and smacked her with his paw. The vet was even excited by this behavior, since it means he is feeling much better.

    It is Christmas season on Pierce Street, which brings with it the "Griswold" lights across the street. I think the Target/Walmart/Costco fairy visits in the middle of the night. Every year our neighbors decorate every surface of their yard and house with lights, moving deer, a giant 7 foot Santa (who peeps in my bathroom window~really!).  That said, Orson has been fascinated by the light set up process.  He spends hours watching the men string lights between branches.  He especially likes to watch the men ride the lift around the trees.  I can't wait to see what he thinks of our indoor tree!
Orson on the edge of his bed, ready to tip over!
Hanging out together
     One last personality quirk, Orson falls off round beds.  He likes to lay along the very edge of his square bed and tries this technique on the round ones, which usually results in him tipping off the edge.  It is very comical.  
Winter afternoon naps
     This Christmas season, I hope we all remember not just the "Griswold" beauty, but also to share the joy of family and friends (2 and 4 footed) with others.

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