Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Sudzy Mutt

     The last 24 hours were rather hectic for Orson.   Thursday evening I was brushing Orson and found a dime size scab on his leg.  I was not too concerned about it, but it did smell “funky.”  Fast-forward to Friday afternoon.  I arrived home from attending university classes around 3.  Much to my surprise, the area around Orson’s nose looked just like the patch of skin from the night before.  Upon examination, I found several other nickel size spots on his legs, too.  Magic Valley Veterinary Hospital worked us into their schedule, so off we went.  As we were waiting all I could envision was a full-body skin infection and a hairless malamute.  Not a great prospect for an overweight dog. 
      Dr. L said we caught it early enough and that oral antibiotics and a medicated bath would clear everything up quickly.  And, Miley is supposed to leave face-bathing to the humans for a few days.  That will be our biggest challenge; Miley has a licking “problem”….she licks the cat, other dogs, us, the couch, the wall…she is an OCD licker.  Actually last week she licked all the hair off Zeus’ left eye.  Eyelashes, fur, and whiskers are all gone.  Anyone have any suggestions for a lickoholic anonymous group?   
     We did receive some really great news while we were at the vet’s office.  Orson had another weigh in and he is down to 171.7!! He is almost at his first milestone.  Thyroid medication, controlled diet and exercise are really helping Orson be the “biggest loser pup.”  Several of the vet techs commented that since they last saw Orson, 2 weeks ago, that his mobility and strength had visibly increased.   

     Kevin and I loaded Orson into the car this morning and headed over to The Sudzy Mutt on Addison.  Orson loves car rides and spent his time hanging his nose out the cracked window.  The facility is super clean, the staff friendly and helpful, and the equipment top notch.   Their prices are very competitive, too.  It is a self-service bathing center that utilizes rubber mats and ramps for the safety and comfort of the dogs.   

     Orson HATES water, a lot.  It took both Kevin and I to “contain” our malamute when the water was running.  He howled the entire time the water was on, even if it was just running and not touching him.  I think my ears are still ringing.  On the upside, he was just fine with the under coat blower.  Odd, usually dogs hate the blower and are fine with water…or just hate both.  Orson looks very handsome right now!  His colors are very distinct and he has that fuzzy ball look groomed dogs have.  I think he may ignore us for the rest of the day for putting him through the indignity of a bath.

     One last confession.  All the great pictures are ones taken by Kevin.  Mine are all dark or fuzzy.


  1. Great job K & L! You guys are awesome. I don't know how you find the time to do all this!!

  2. Wow - I would love to have heard him howling during that bath! He looks superb afterwards! Great pics of him and you two. That does look like a really nice DIYS doggie detailing place. Thanks for taking such good care of this big fuzz ball!