Thursday, November 11, 2010

Favorite games and improvements

My Human is home!
    Orson had his weigh-in this Tuesday.  I was really nervous that he would not have lost weight, but he has!  4 pounds from a week and half ago and 6 pounds total from his first weigh-in at the shelter.  I am very happy with this progress and so is the vet.  Slow and steady at first is ideal.  Orson has been on his thyroid meds a little over a week now, too and we are noticing big changes.  He is much more alert and interested in the house activities.  He is now self motivated to lumber out after our other dogs and explore the yard.  At first, he would just watch the others or sleep right through "Squirrel Alert" and "Mailman Invasion" activities. 
     In fact he and Miley, our female lab, are becoming great buddies. He tries to play with her and now allows Miley to groom his face (yuck).  He has initiated play with both Kevin and I several times, too.  Everyday he is reminding more, and more of an older version of Mowgli.  He is remembering that he is a Malamute and a dog!  Life is Good!!  
Miley & Orson grooming time

     Thanksgiving break is just a week away~ Thank doG.  Really, I woke up Monday night dreaming about registration and VERBS.  Ug, for all that is holy, what is wrong with me?  Oh, yea I am an English major.   Who obviously needs a break from direct objects.  I miss my poetry days. Great news for break:  Some of our best friends will be visiting with their two awesome adopted dogs.  We can not wait to fill their bags and car with trinkets.  We play a great game called trinket warfare.  The object is to find the cheapest, ugliest trinket and hid it in someone's house, car, or bag.  It should be placed in a location that will cause them to shriek when they first discover the offending item.  For example, this summer we found a 3D cat picture (huge) and left it in the upstairs window of a friends house.  It was horrific!  You could only see it from the street.  I have a feeling it may appear again some day at our house or our friends with the GSD.   
     I actually have a fun research paper on language and animals.  It should be interesting; one camp of language people believe that only humans have language and animals basic communication systems.  The other camp thinks that certain species do have languages and even cultures.  I will be focusing on whales, primates, and...dogs! 

     Here is a fun game Orson likes to play, hide behind the food bins: 
Now you see me...
Now you don't...
Dang!  You caught me peeking!

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  1. So glad Orson is feeling more perky and shedding some #s! Wouldn't that be amazing if he ended up looking somewhat like Mowgli? Wow!