Thursday, May 19, 2011

To the Rescue: Lilly Pad

So what is rescue and how does it happen? 

I am often asked that question and I can never find just a few words to sum up a very involved process.  Rescue is monitoring emails and shelters.  Rescue is transporting dogs to where ever they need to go to be safe.  Rescue is offering behavior advise to owners. Rescue is bathing dogs.  Rescue is opening a home to a dog for a night or for months.  Rescue is vet care.   Rescue is heartache and joy.  Rescue is a community of volunteers.  Those few volunteers are how rescue happens.
Sunshine at last!

R&R under the Zeus tree
Like Cash, Lilly Pad came from a shelter nearly out of time.  Lilly came to MMR terrified after being abandoned by an unstable person in horrible housing conditions.  After hearing of Lilly's plight, MMR scrambled to find this sweet mal girl a foster home and a place to stay temporarily while transportation was coordinated.  Many, many emails were sent back and forth between MMR members and volunteers as they bounced ideas around.  If one thing can be said of rescuers, it is that they are persistent!  When one plan fell through, another was created. "D" one of MMR adopters, supporters, and loyal volunteers stepped up and opened her home to Lilly for several days while transportation was arranged.  In the mean time, Lilly had to be vetted (check over, chipped and vaccinated).  Lilly also received a bath, all through volunteers.  Lilly is now in her foster home receiving the attention, food, and training she needs to blossom into the malamute she should be.
Lilly's first day of freedom

Lilly is nervous around people.  Notice the tucked tail.

Cash and Lilly running

Jumping beans

Tired girl!  


  1. Such a beauty Lilly is! Thanks for helping her Liz!

  2. We were thinking of wooos today, hope everything is well,