Monday, January 17, 2011

An Ode to Cashews & Other Mixed Nuts

Ode to Kona's Malamute Hair~ Melissa R. Gallegos
I finally adopted my first malamute
She is big and strong yet fluffy and cute
Little did my tiny brain know
My kitchen would look like it's covered in snow
Mal hair is here and mal hair is there
I even found some in my underwear!
It's in my mouth, it's in my tea
Let's not even get started about my SUV
The comforter's a hairball and the pantry is too
My socks, my slacks, my renowned beef stew
I vacuum and mop and constantly dust
I hired a housecleaner; her work is a must!
I apologize to guests before they take their first bite
We know who our friends are by the lack of fright
It mocks me, it taunts me, it drives me insane
It tickles my nose, it's probably imbedded in my brain
I finally adopted my first Malamute
She is big and strong yet fluffy and cute
She has come a long way from her life as a stray
She blows her top coat and undercoat every other day
She lights up our lives like no other can do
I take the hair out of my mouth to say,  "Kona, I love you" 
     I love this poem, written by one of my mal friends and fellow rescuers.  I think we still have Mowgli hair in our house from a year ago.  It is truly amazing how mal hair is found in inconceivable places!  
     So, "Why" you might ask, "do you want a dog that sheds its own body weight in fur, has selective hearing, doesn't come when called, is rambunctious (think bull in a china shop), needs outdoor, fun exercise, howls, finds escaping and adventure, makes an art of chewing, is picky with doggy friends, and did I mention sheds?"  I could chalk it up to the fact that we are all a little "nuts" (which may be true), but I think "we" like the flip-side of the malamute coin.  Malamutes are loyal and fun, enjoy spending time with their people outdoors, are intelligent, self-confident, comedians that appeal to the adventurous in spirit.  A cold, blusterous wind can shake one to the core; in that same way, malamutes echo to the bone, reminding humans of the spirit of adventure that hearkens to the days of undiscovered frontiers and the soulful desire to explore the world.  I witness this undefinable commonality in disposition between our species every time I see/hear updates of MMR malamutes off on adventures with their adoptive owners. It takes a certain person with just the right spark (or discerning taste) to pick out dogs like our Cash(ew).  Rather like eating mixed nuts.  You may love the crunch and saltiness, but not every nut that comes in the mix.  Cash(ew) has some amazing personality traits, but if you are not a cashew person keep sorting through the mix, a peanut of a dog like Mika might appeal more to your tastes! Haha!  Ok, get the metaphor yet?  Kevin and I have nick named our sweet Cash, Cashew.  Who may end up being cat friendly!  We have only tested him once, and will continue with testing as this week continues.  Fingers crossed. 
Cashew on his "bed" (rug by the front door)
     Thank you to all you mixed "nuts" for adopting our malamutes, and to all the other mixed nuts out there who adopt any other breed.           

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